Election Denier™ Hillary Clinton Claims GOP Already Plotting to ‘Steal’ 2024 Presidential Election


Former Secretary of State and inveterate Election Denier Hillary Clinton can’t appear to assist herself. This time she raised the alarm over, you guessed it… election theft that hadn’t even occurred.

That’s proper, the one who was meant to be Queen can now see into the longer term, and the longer term she sees is terrifying. It’s one by which the Democrats lose the Presidential election, and the one method that would occur is that if Republicans cheat.

It couldn’t be as a result of the Democrats don’t have any actual message aside from “The Republicans are [insert derogatory historical throwback label]”.

So let’s dive deeper into Hillary’s current declare and make a journey down reminiscence lane at a few of Hillary’s best election denial hits.

Longest Mood Tantrum Ever

Hillary Clinton recorded a video for a progressive grassroots group known as Indivisibles, soliciting donations and volunteers for the group utilizing the overplayed tactic of worry as a motivator. Within the video, she states:

“Proper-wing extremists have already got a plan to actually steal the subsequent Presidential election.”

Does she have proof of this, and in that case, has she gone to the suitable authorities with mentioned proof? That’s a reasonably hefty allegation.

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I believe she is giving extremists an excessive amount of credit score; whether or not they reside on the proper or the left, they often don’t have their geese in a row. However it is a tune she’s been singing for years now.

She informed CBS after she misplaced the election to President Donald Trump:

“I consider he understands that the various various ways they used, from voter suppression and voter purging to hacking to the false tales – he is aware of that – there have been only a bunch of various the explanation why the election turned out prefer it did.”

It couldn’t have been as a result of she was a horrible candidate and usually unlikeable. 

Crusing On A River Known as Denial

Along with calling President Trump an “illegitimate President,” she continued to insert her affect into her get together. Very like the older member of the family who by no means runs out of unhelpful recommendation, she informed Democratic candidates for President:

“You’ll be able to run the most effective marketing campaign, you possibly can even turn into the nominee, and you may have the election stolen from you.”

She even said that if Joe Biden didn’t win, he “mustn’t concede underneath any circumstances…”. However this default of throwing mood tantrums once they don’t win isn’t distinctive to Hillary; the Democratic Get together has been using that Denial river for years.

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When President George W. Bush defeated Al Gore, Democrats known as it a “coup d’etat.”

When President Bush gained once more in 2004, Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer and others claimed that the electoral course of in Ohio was rigged.

Convey it again to newer historical past, and you’ve got the White Home Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who tweeted election denials when President Trump and Governor Kemp gained in Georgia.

So who’s it that Hillary has aligned herself with lately to attempt to “defend democracy” as we all know it? Let’s take a peek at this group, Indivisible, lets?

Hi there Indivisibles!

Indivisible, in keeping with their web site, is a grassroots group with a mission to elect progressive leaders. They state on their web site that one of many elementary assaults on our democracy is the way it was constructed within the first place:

“Our democracy was rigged from the beginning in favor of the white and rich.”

Sound acquainted? It ought to; it’s extra of the identical crucial race principle rubbish, white privilege racism card, and rewriting of historical past that the Democratic progressives have been preaching for years. 

Like most progressive organizations, they take the time period justice and morph it into something however, stating their core advocacy points are:

  1. Local weather Justice
  2. Financial Justice
  3. Healthcare Justice
  4. Immigrant Justice

They notice that inside these 4 points is the “connecting thread of racial justice.” The fact is the one justice is simply justice, not these ideas of distributive justice primarily based on all the pieces however equity and equality.

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This Indivisible group has a paper on their web site that discusses learn how to ‘repair our democracy,’ together with giving D.C. statehood and increasing the Supreme Court docket. You wish to discuss rigging future elections… that’s a reasonably good blueprint to make sure the downfall of our republic and all the pieces for which it stands.

For being known as Indivisible, they positive wish to divide out any different ideas and opinions. The particular challenge that Hillary put her identify behind known as ‘Crush the Coup.’ 

Attention-grabbing language, however wordplay is one thing the progressive left is kind of adept at.

Pot… Meet Kettle

Republicans have been known as lots of issues these days. We’ve been known as semi-fascists, fascists, MAGA extremists, extremists, and now the brand new favourite – Election Deniers.

Full disclosure; I used to be enraged and saddened after I watched People storm the Capitol on January sixth. I proceed to talk out towards what occurred that day. However the Democrats want to recollect what colour their pot and kettle are. 

The summer time riots and areas of cities made into autonomous zones have been additionally assaults on our democracy and horrific. Safe elections are paramount to sustaining religion in our democratic system.

However preemptively sowing the seeds of mistrust is harmful whatever the get together you align with, particularly with no proof to again up the claims. Now we have pundits who suppose international governments ought to assist execute our elections, for Pete’s sake!

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace voiced her musings on this out loud, asking if we want worldwide allies to assist with our elections. As a result of having one other nation handle the bedrock of our energy switch is a superb concept.

On the Indivisible web site is a photograph of volunteers with a caption that reads:

“Organizing to defund ICE, CBP, and Trump’s deportation machine.”

Sure, please, Hillary and different Democrats; align yourselves with teams that declare our nation was evil from the get-go and actively push to tear down the organizations constructed to guard People. That labored so properly for you final time.

Hillary has mentioned about her failed presidential marketing campaign for the best seat within the land:

“I don’t know that we’ll ever know what occurred.”

I do know. You misplaced. Honest and sq..

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